Complete Wall Cladding Systems for Artistic Advanced Architecture

trespaTrends in wall cladding systems are changing rapidly as manufacturers continue to innovate with new technologies, materials, and green building methods. Intelligent-based systems provide dramatic artistic effects, and address environmental goals including protective layers from air, wind, water, and heat gain.

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M.F. Murray Companies is proud to represent the most highly regarded cladding system companies in the world: Trespa and Cladding Corp. Our in-depth knowledge of their products and technical know-how enables us to meet all of your cladding design needs using a wide range of materials: Terra Cotta, Fiber, Concrete, Porcelain Ceramic Tile, and High Pressure HPO Resin Panels.

We are affiliated with a team of qualified licensed installers who are financially strong. You can rely on them to meet the highest quality and safety standards.

About Trespa

  • Trespa is an international manufuaturer of high performance cladding systems and interior partitions for over 50 years. Download a pdf of recent projects.
  • Focus is product development, combining quality manufacturing technologies with state-of the-art solutions for exterior and interior building applications.
  • The flagship product line is Trespa Meteon, designed to inspire, perform, and endure.

About Cladding Corp

  • The first name in Rainscreen.
  • Their goal is to "master the art and science proper drained and back-ventilated rainscreen cladding design."
  • Take a holistic approach to rainscreen design; they focus on the entire exterior building envelope of the wall assembly.
  • Their latest innovation, the System 5 is a fully integrated rainscreen system that encompases the Five Principles of an effectively drained and back-ventilated rainscreen assembly.


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